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Why we choose S2Member? As of 2011, WordPress manages over 22% of all new sites created on the web. This makes it the most popular blogging tool on the Internet. Its success is largely because it is free. It has many features including template system and plug-in architecture. To stay on top, WordPress has constantly updated its version the latest being 3.0. Immediately the new version was available to the public, it was downloaded millions of times and by the end of that year, the number got to nearly 70 million. WordPress allows its users to change themes and add plugins. One of the latest plugins for WordPress is the S2Member plug-in. Overview of S2Member plug-in The s2Member plug-in comes into versions, which are the s2Member framework and the s2Member Pro module. The framework is free and can be downloaded from the WordPress.org, while advanced WordPress users such as developers purchase the Pro module. The Pro module offers greater resources and flexibility for a professional membership site. The s2Member has great member management capabilities and enables you to tailor the registration outline in various ways. Adding custom fields is one as such. Authorize.net and PayPal payments have benefitted as s2Member allows payments through their coupon codes.

S2Member Pro

Essential Features of S2Member • Content protection – If you have been worried about the security of your website, its content and passwords, then this plugin can help you. It has features to allow you limit access based on the IP address and protects your pages, posts, URLs, tags and categories. It does this via local WordPress API. • File protection – The s2Member plug-in enables you to stipulate the permissible number of downloads for specific number of days and allows you to add an expiring link for downloading. It incorporates with various sites such as Amazon CloudFront and Amazon S3 to bring content securely like streaming videos. • Extensibility – The s2Member plug-in is the most extensible membership plugin for WordPress. The Pro module is an extension of s2Member framework, which was designed with extensibility in mind. • Affiliate management – This plug-in offers numerous options for managing affiliates. For those using a supported payment gateway that provides affiliate management then this plugin is all you need. It provides integration with iDevAffiliate. • Upsells – The s2Member plug-in does not have the Up sells option. Nevertheless, it has One Time Offers, which you can easily display to users once you log in to your profile.

The s2Member plug-in clearly excels in all features that one can expect from a membership plugin. It is easy to get started with and use. It is important to read all the information and determine whether this is the plugin, you really need but in most cases, you will find it is the one. The s2Member plug-in is rich with many features but surprisingly it is not that expensive to buy the Pro module. You can buy different licenses including the single-site, unlimited domain and a multi-site blog farms license, which is a special license that includes documentation and support for individuals who wish to operate websites selling blogs. Prices offering:

  • S2Member Framework Free
  • S2Member Pro – Single Site License $69
  • S2Member Pro – Unlimited-Site License $129
  • S2Member Pro – Network Support License $289


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